About us

About us

Something which, in the worlds of business and industry, is only gradually becoming an important topic, is already our everyday business - human-computer interaction. We here at ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution have developed an especially deep relationship with our roadheaders.
Machines don't have feelings. But there are people who have a feel for machines. And it's precisely these people who work for us. At ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution, we have set ourselves the goal of not only continuing to be the leading business in the field of mining and tunnelling, but also in the development of roadheader machines. We want to develop and shape the future of the industry, and make it successful. We work hard towards this goal. At our German factory in Werne, right in the heart of the Ruhr district, the home of the country's mining industry. And worldwide, on our customers' sites.

Our sales and service teams are active globally. Only those who really know the challenges facing their customers are able to develop the best possible solutions. And development is one of the core elements of our work. Every day, we strive to optimise our roadheader machines in the TDR series even further.

How can we make the roadheaders even more robust? How could they work for our customers even more economically? How can you reduce wastage while at the same time increasing performance? Finding answers to these questions is what drives us. But we know that we'll find answers. Why are we so sure of that? Because with our more than 30 years' experience, we have solved every problem so far. And naturally because we have colleagues who have a real feel for mining and tunnelling. And in particular for the machines necessary for this.

When can we develop a feeling for your challenges?

Your advancement is what drives us.

  • Highest standards
    We make the greatest quality demands of our machines and services. Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • More than 30 years' experience
    Long-established technology that's in use internationally
  • High degree of flexibility
    The right solution for every application. Design orientated towards customer requirements.
  • Innovative solutions
    Fully automated, profile control and water mist spraying
  • Economical to use in hard-rock
    High quality bevel-helical gear unit, feed from the middle of the machine and optimally designed cutting heads guarantee economical tunnelling.
Our Roadheaders dig deep for you!


Do you have any questions, or do you require expert advice?
Then simply speak to us. We would be pleased to help - directly and with the personal touch! +49 (0)2389 -9280-0

Address / contact details

ADVANTEC Unternehmensgruppe
Osterkamp 15
59368 Werne - Germany
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Phone: +49 (0)2389 -9280-0
Fax: +49 (0)2389 -9280-299
E-Mail: info@advantec.company

Service hours

Monday to Thursday:
08:00 - 17:00 Clock
Friday to Saturday:
09:00 - 15:00 Clock
Emergency service Sunday & Holidays:
12:00 - 15:00 Clock

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