Full speed ahead
Full speed ahead
The TDR 100 is the leading road header. Here you can find out what it is capable of.More info
The machine whisperer
The machine whisperer
Why should you choose ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution? Because we not only understand machines, but feel them.More info
Under us
Under us
Our machines work at depth. How do they do that, exactly? We would be pleased to explain it to you personally.More info

Welcome to ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution

Flexible, dependable, innovative - that applies to our roadheader machines and also to our company too. We are your partner when more depth is required.

Welcome to ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution
Our mission at ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution is to forge ahead. Our roadheader machines represent the best example of this. Under the TDR series name (tunnel-digging roadheaders), we offer you powerhouses that represent the benchmark in the mining and tunnelling industry. On the one hand, because we produce our roadheaders in various sizes and designs, meaning we can supply our customers with the right solution for virtually any requirements. And on the other, because the roadheader machines produced in our very own factories, and which undergo continuous refinement, are unique from a technological point of view, meaning our customers can use them efficiently and economically.

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ADVANTEC Tunnel and Mining Solution
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Our Roadheaders dig deep for you!


Every application is different. We have therefore designed our roadheaders in various sizes and designs. Which one will get to master your challenges?
TDR 140
When a little more is needed: The TDR 140.
TDR 100
Maximum power, the highest compressive strengths and a high degree of mobility simply don't go together? Then you haven't encountered our TDR 100. We would...
TDR 100 T
Maximum power, highest pressure resistance and high mobility do not go together with precision? We introduce: The TDR100T with extended cutting area and...
TDR 55
Our especially hardworking roadheader model. As well as its high power, the TDR 55's strength lies in its flexible potential applications, thanks to its...
TDR 20
Small, but perfectly formed! This is precisely the TDR 20's strength, because even the tightest working area remains accessible to us.
Our team brings your project forward!
Innovation, flexibility, competence and high reliability!


Do you have any questions, or do you require expert advice?
Then simply speak to us. We would be pleased to help - directly and with the personal touch! +49 (0)2389 -9280-0

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ADVANTEC Unternehmensgruppe
Osterkamp 15
59368 Werne - Germany
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